Client Care Maintenance Program

At Kelly Longtin Law, we take a life-long approach with our clients by developing a lasting relationship with our clients, and their families and fostering open communication.   The relationship begins when we get to know you and your family and design and implement an estate plan for you.  We continue to nurture that relationship by helping you maintain your estate plan, and then we stand by as your families trusted advisor upon your death or incapacity. 

Your estate plan is the legacy guide you have designed for your loved ones.  It was designed based on your goals, your assets, your family dynamics, tax laws, and legal strategies that existed at the time you implemented your estate plan.

As life and time evolves there are many factors that may affect your estate plan, that often get overlooked.  The most common events that require an update may include births, adoptions, a marriage or a divorce, real estate sales or purchases, an inheritance from a loved one, a change in your personal finances, or a change in your personal goals. There may have also been a change in the tax law that may affect your plan that you are completely unaware of.

Health Issues, and disability and most certainly death are guaranteed to have an impact on effectiveness of your estate plan.

To make sure our clients have the opportunity to keep their estate plan up to date easier and more cost effective for our clients we created an annual Client Care Maintenance Program, for both our Trust Plan clients as well as our Will Plan clients.   We would be happy to discuss the Client Care Maintenance Program with you further.

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